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Robert Blackmon is smart, hard-working, successful and passionate about St. Petersburg. He will choose the best interests of our city over partisan politics every time.

— Rick Baker, former Mayor of St Petersburg

— Nick DiCeglie, Florida State Representative - District 66

“Robert demonstrates his commitment to St. Petersburg with thoughtful leadership.  Whether it’s through his success in the private sector creating affordable housing options, or through his environmental efforts, he rolls up his sleeves, accomplishes his goals, and inspires others to do the same.  He is diligent, he’s authentic, and he is passionate about our city. These are the traits that we look for in our public servants, and this is what makes Robert uniquely qualified to serve on City Council.” — Gina Driscoll, St Petersburg City Council - District 6

— Bill Dudley, Pinellas County School Board


— Brandi Gabbard, St Petersburg City Council - District 2

"As a former fighter pilot, I know what it means to serve your country and fight for what you believe in.  I’m endorsing Robert Blackmon for St. Petersburg City Council because we need more public servants that will fight to protect our beautiful city and grow our economy for everyone." — Ed Montanari, St. Petersburg City Council - District 3

Robert’s honest, pragmatic and hopeful insight into our community’s problems and needs and willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public sets him far apart from the other candidates. — Wengay Newton, Florida State Representative - District 70

— Tyler Payne, Treasure Island Commissioner

— Frank Peterman, Former Florida State Representative - District 55

Leadership is more important than partisanship.  Robert Blackmon has unquestionable maturity, refreshing modesty and solid trustworthiness worthy of representing all St. Pete citizens in public office. An authentic listener, Robert will bring energy, purpose and engagement to City Council.

— Darden Rice, St Petersburg City Council - District 4

Robert is an enthusiastic champion of St. Petersburg. He has tirelessly and selflessly worked for the betterment of our citizenry. I support his candidacy for City Council and look forward to his continued success as a public official.

— Darryl Rouson, Florida State Senator - District 19

— Bob Ulrich, former Mayor of St Petersburg

Robert Blackmon for City Council District 1
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